TOO organized?   Is there such a thing?

The answer is YES.  Being organized is about establishing a system.  As with any system, there is the risk of taking it too far.  A risk of creating a process that no human being could ever maintain.  A risk of striving for perfect in an imperfect world.   Take it from me, it happens more than you think.   I’m in this business because I THRIVE on this stuff.   I have to fight my inner-Martha at times, telling myself that fancy bins with chalkboard labels don’t always make sense.

How do you know when to stop?  Are you spending hours filing every receipt alphabetically only to realize you have never once retrieved a receipt?   Are you obsessed with making sure the Princesses don’t get put in a bin with the Superheros only to have your kids dump the bins anyway?  Ask yourself ‘is this really worth my time?’  ‘What is the real, tangible benefit to doing this?’

TIPs to avoid over-organizing:

  • Create measurable goals.  If you take the time to identify WHY you are ‘getting organized’, you can easily identify when you have reached your goal.   When the goal is reached, it’s time to stop and let the system work for you.
  • Don’t aim for perfect.   If your home and office has balance, it will work for you as much or more than you work for it.  Create guidelines (not rules), and plan for life to get in the way.  A good system will ebb and flow with your schedule.
  • Go with your gut.  If it feels like too much, it probably is.
  • Do what matters most.  And that doesn’t mean doing it all.  Do the things that tie back to your goals.  Do the things that benefit you, your family, and your business.