An AMOptimize client was overwhelmed with all the paperwork that had accumulated for each of her 3 children.  She wanted to ensure each child had their important documents, but wasn’t willing to hand them a messy box.   From this goal, we developed Project ‘Childhood in a Box’

Our Goal:  Organize and containerize all important documents for each child with the plan of handing it down.  What a gift to give someone: all their important paperwork in one place!

Supplies:  File Boxes, Hanging Files, File Folders, Sheet Protectors, Labels, and a Labeler


  • Bulky keepsake items (trophies, large artwork, etc..) that can’t be filed can be set aside, placed in larger bins and labeled as keepsakes.
  • Very critical items, like Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates, should likely go into a fire safe box.
  • Shred or recycle the items that aren’t truly important (i.e., mid-year report cards become unimportant once you have year end, etc.)


STEP 2 CATEGORIZE:   All remaining items were placed into categories.

  • Preschool
  • School – K through 8
  • School – High School
  • College
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Job History
  • Sports / Extracurricular / Hobbies



Within each category, we created sub-categories as needed.   We got out our labeler, file folders and hanging files, and started filing!’

  TIP:  As you start filing, use Post Its for your categories and sub-categories until you are sure the system makes sense.