Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizing services do you offer companies?

Our services range from paper filing systems to meeting facilitation, and many services in between; always focusing on optimizing your work environment and level of productivity.  Visit our Services page for more detail.


How do you bill for your services?

Each client and their projects vary, so we provide flexible pricing to accommodate the clients needs and budget.  When discussing your project, we will determine which pricing method (project or hourly) will work best.  To accommodate our clients we offer multiple payment methods including accepting all major credit cards.


Is a retainer required to initiate your services?

No, a retainer is not required for our services, but we do offer the ability to buy a block of hours in advance.

How long is the commitment for services?

This depends on the size of your project.  Once we have talked through your needs and scope of the work, we will determine what the minimum commitment will be for you to see results.


What is required from the client to identify and initiate a project?

We need your time and candid input to understand the goals you have and how AMOptimize can help you reach those goals.   Our projects typically begin with a discovery meeting where we discuss this and lay out our plan.

Do you work with all sizes and types of companies?

We work with small, 1-person businesses to large corporations.


Our company needs to meet specific industry standards; can you help in that area?

Yes, we have first-hand experience with multiple industry standards (ISO certifications, Lean strategies, bank regulations) and are able to on-ramp quickly with your requirements.


What types of updates do you provide to clients during a project?

We are flexible.  We work with you at the onset of our project to identify the best communication plan.  Options include in-person or teleconference status meetings, status reports sent via email or stored in a shared location.


If the project requires more resources do you have a network to call on to assist your efforts?

AMOptimize is proud of the vast network of trusted partners we work with to get the job done.  From marketing to technology, moving companies to junk removal, we have many resources to call as needed.



Still need help? Give us a call!

For any other questions about our services or resources, please call us at (440) 390-3290