Small in size BIG in function![/caption]

Think you don’t have room for a home office?  THINK AGAIN!  This AMOptimize client wanted a dedicated space to read, pay bills, post her To Do list, and charge her devices.    THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX allowed us to create this fun and efficient space out of an unused hall closet just off the kitchen.

Tricks to creating an effective small space home office:

  1. BE PRACTICAL:  Make a list of all the tasks you will perform in this space and identify all of the information or products you need for the tasks
  2. BE CREATIVE: Don’t be afraid to find a non-traditional area of your home for your office.   Have a spare bedroom that only gets used once a year?   A corner or closet that is just ho-hum?  Repurpose it!
  1. GO VERTICAL: When you run out of surface space, put your walls to work with corkboard, dry erase, hanging wall pockets and shelves.
  2. MAKE IT YOURS: For this client, the vibrant green color brings her excitement and joy.   Fill your small space with items that inspire you!